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Erotic massage

Mon Amour erotic massage 

How much pleasure can you endure?

The erotic massage is a mix of passion and relaxation, being a great way to show respect for your body and soul. Mon Amour erotic massage begins in a pleasant way: you lie down on a comfortable bed with legs slightly apart.

Your favorite Goddess, who has already won your heart with her beauty, it will begin to massage your body. With slow movements, so that you can fully enjoy every moment, the erotic massage begins with your toes. Her warm hands slid ankles and climb higher, towards the inner thighs. Every piece of your body is touched, caressed, massaged and you fell an extreme happiness.

More pleasure with double erotic massage

If you already like the script, think what if you'll have another gorgeous Goddess just for you? Think of a double erotic massage, when 4 hands of your favourite goddesses simultaneously covers your body, touching it in the most sensual ways for you to shiver with pleasure.

Your shoulders, chest and abdomen, will enjoy their movements that will restore your energy and will make you feel alive. At your erotic massage, their hands will go down, lower and lower until every part of your body will be touched and caressed by those beautiful women. 


Rediscover the passion in you couple

But not only your body can enjoy erotic massage. At Mon Amour erotic massage salon you can come with your partner and enjoy intense pleasure together. An erotic massage for couples helps you to rediscover the passion and the pleasure to enjoy each other's bodies. Together: your, your partner and the most beautiful Mon Amour Goddess, you'll reach the the heights of pleasure.   

And, for unique experiences, you can choose the magnificent erotic massage with cream. Your bodies will be massaged with this sweet cream, which will get your senses drunk and bring the passion in your life again.

We expect you to relax in the comfort of a distinguished location, at Mon Amour, the erotic massage salon in the heart of Bucharest.


Live intensely the life pleasures and defeat monotony, at the Mon Amour erotic massage salon, in Romana Plaza.

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