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Mon Amour Club - 5 Star Erotic Massage Salon

Sensuality begins with a massage. Let your senses get to another level!


Ah, the unsuspected pleasures that an erotic massage offers, are a delight for your body and soul.

Very good for your relaxation, the erotic massage goes to the increase of vitality, brings the passion into your life and relieves all the inhibitions you have.

It's time for you to let your senses evolve. Get to know the real pleasure and the hot passion.

There is only one place for that:

Mon Amour, the unique Erotic Massage Salon in Bucharest

Mon Amour is definitely the erotic massage salon that has the most beautiful and experienced women in the whole country, not only in Bucharest.

For their natural beauty and the pleasure they know how to offer, our clients named them "Goddesses". And they confirm, each and every day, the joy that every client gets to feel in our elegant erotic massage salon in Bucharest: Mon Amour.

If you decide to ride by taxi in Bucharest, we advice you to be careful!

Although most taxi drivers are honest professionals, there are, also, a few exceptions. Some of the adult entertainment clubs are paying those taxi drivers that are bringing clients to their location. That’s why there are situations when a passenger requests a certain destination, but the taxi driver is trying to drive him to another location. Your driver may tell you that the location you’re going to is closed, not good enough for you or too expensive and that he knows a better place, somewhere around. In this case, you need to insist for the requested location. Also, there are taxi drivers that are driving you to the wrong location, pleading it’s the one you’ve asked for. You may also be driven to the right location, but only to find a “kind” local near the entrance, trying to convince you that the location you want to visit is closed due to a problem/visit/vacation. Sometimes, taxi drivers are hand in hand with those “kind” locals and are deliberately sending you to them. Then, the taxi driver will offer you a ride to lesser known, but more beautiful location. Generally, the location you’ve requested for is open. In this case, just decline the taxi driver’s offer and check for yourself. Driving by taxi is convenient, but expensive. Sometimes, surprisingly expensive. So, it’s logical to be aware of the tricks we’ve talked about and take all the necessary precautions to avoid them.

Discover the Goddess who will make all your dreams come true!

salon mon amour

Str. Căderea Bastiliei Nr. 72b,
Piaţa Romană,
Bucureşti - România

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0732 88 99 66

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